Aimtek provides a family of entirely different dispersed particulate composites. With DiPaC™ you can specify the exact combinations desired including wear resistance, conductivity, lubricity, corrosion resistance, and machineability.

For clutch and brake solutions DiPaC™ is a concept in composite coatings. DiPaC™ demonstrates tremendous performance advantages over conventional materials. Automotive clutches, brakes, and industrial torque transmission devices utilizing DiPaC™ have shown improvements as high as 5-to-1 in heat dissipation and wear resistance.

The comparative performance of DiPaC™ vs. conventional materials is presented below.

  • Lining Wear – DiPaC™ coatings can double the operating life of friction lining materials with significant savings in downtown and replacements costs. The charts show the increase in lining life obtained when a 0.020″ DiPaC™ coating is applied to the mating brake disc, drum or clutch plate.

  • Load Carrying Capacity – DiPaC™ coatings permit the use of a broader range of materials in friction couple applications. In situations where weight, volume, maximum RPM or similar considerations are the limiting design factors, the greater load carrying capacity of a DiPaC™ coated material is of major importance. As shown in the chart, the DiPaC™ coated copper clutch plate provides a five-fold increase in capacity over conventional cast iron.

  • Fade – The curves on these charts show brake fade data from a road test using conventional cast iron brake drums as compared to aluminum drums with DiPaC™ applied in the friction track. Aluminum drums operating without DiPaC™ would melt under these conditions.

  • Drum Wear – DiPaC™ extends the life of brake drums and clutch plates by increasing the wear resistance of the friction track. Shown are the wear rates of three clutch plates operating at identical test conditions on an inertial dynamometer. The clutch plates are plain copper alloy and coated with DiPaC™.

The superior performance of DiPaC™ materials allows greater design freedom including lighter and smaller brakes, more capacity, and flexibility of material selection. Contact us to see how DiPaC™ can work for you.

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