Precious Metals & Reclamation

Precious metals and their alloys are available in various forms. We offer Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium and Iridium. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us!

Precious Metals Reclamation

Component Recovery. Paste Syringes. Solid Scrap. Aimtek provides the highest returns and yields for your precious metal scrap!

The Aimtek Advantage includes:

Direct Relationship with Melt Sources – No middle men or third parties
Accuracy – The highest yields and detailed reports
Flexibility – Many settlement options including direct payment and account credit memos
Integrity – Code of Ethics, Responsible Sourcing, EH&S, Fully Insured
Regulatory Compliance – Anti-Laundering, Environmental, Conflict-Free Minerals
Cost Reduction – Precious Metal management programs

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Precious Metal Products


All shapes and sizes. Rectangular, square, spherical, ball, and dog bone shaped.

Brazing Filler Metals

Available in many forms such as wire, performs, powder, paste, and foil. Alloys meeting aerospace and commercial specifications.


Scrubbers. Catalytic converters, gauze, powder, paste, gas purifiers, cracking, dehydrogenation, dealkylation, hydrogenation, reforming and pollution control.


Available in commercial, vacuum and very high purity grades. Sizes range from 0.005″ to 10″ in diameter and from 0.0005″ to 0.5″ thick.

Evaporation Material

Slugs, wire, rod and starter sources. Purities up to 99.99995%.


Evaporating dishes, crucibles, beakers, combustion boats, stirring rods, tongs, scissors, spatulas, forceps, cones, spoons, triangles, electrodes, inoculating loops.


High purity metal and pre-alloyed powders are used in formulations to meet stringent aerospace and/or commercial specifications.


High purity pre-alloyed powders are available from 100 mesh to 20 micron. Other sizes can be supplied based on customer needs. Powders are manufactured by atomization and crystallization techniques.

Precious Metals Chemicals

Uses such as electroplating, paint, and coatings. Purity is dependent on the chemical. Inorganic compounds are available in a variety of different quantities.


Uses such as electroplating, paint, and coatings. Purity is dependent on the chemical. Inorganic compounds are available in a variety of different quantities.


Available in cut lengths and rolls ranging from 0.001″ to 0.1″ in thickness and 0.01″ to 8″ wide.

Sheet Foil

Ranges from 0.0001″ to 0.1″ thick and from 0.01″ to 15″ wide.


High purity solders available in Gold/Tin, Silver bearing, Indium/Lead/Tin/Silver. Tin/Lead. Tin/Antimony, QQ-S-571E, rosin core, organic core, inorganic core, tapes, solder chemicals, solvent cleaner, saponifier dross reduced, scale remover and nickel brightener. Solder fluxes Type R, RMA, QPL Approved Type RMA, Standard and QPL Approved Type RA, Halide free and No clean Type RA, synthetic activated and Type 1A flux.

Sputtering Targets

Purity ranges from 99.0% to 99.99995% in silver, gold, platinum, rhodium, iridium, palladium and other high purity precious metals. Available in different sizes, shapes and forms. Coating can be put on ceramics, plastics, metal parts and membranes.


All tubing in straight, smooth, clean and leak free. Available in a wide range of sizes, round, half round or square sections. Sizes range from 0.016″ O.D. to 3.5″ O.D with different wall thicknesses depending on the alloy. Available in cut or random lengths.


Manufactured in sizes ranging from 0.020″ O.D. x 0.010″ I.D x 0.001″ thick to 10.00″ O.D x 9.90″ I.D. x 0.5″ thick.


Brazing wire, bonding wire, thermocouple wire, annealed or cold drawn, spooled or cut lengths are available in pure and alloy forms. Purities range from industrial to ultra high purity grades. Aerospace, electronic and vacuum grade wire is available in 0.0005″ to 0.125″ diameter.

Services Available

  • Precious Metals Refining/Reclamation
  • Custom Engineered Products, Prototypes, Short Runs, Fabrication and Machining to Customer Specifications
  • Analytical Testing
  • Technical Assistance
  • Educational Programs
  • Custom Packaging and Labeling
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