Aluminum & Magnesium Alloys

*All compositions represent the Nominal Composition in %

Aimtek Alloy#Industry SpecificationsAl % Si %Mg %Cu %Zn %Others % Solidus (Melting Point) °F Solidus (Melting Point) °C Liquidus (Flow Point) °FLiquidus (Flow Point) °CCommon Applications
AL4145 AWS A5.8 BAlSi-3 (AL 716) AMS4184 MSRR9500/35 861049705211085585General purpose Automotive and Aerospace, wide gaps
AL4047 AWS A5.8 BAlSi-4 (AL 718) AMS4185 MSRR9500/3088121070577 1080582Wide range of applications, including Automotive and Aerospace
AL4045 AWS A5.8 BAlSi-5901012026501256680Aluminum brazing
MG9001AWS A5.8 BMg-1 (AZ92) MSRR9500/5198820.8 Mn, 0.0005 Be8354461110599Magnesium brazing
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