Copper Alloys

*All compositions represent the Nominal Composition in %

Aimtek Alloy#Industry SpecificationsCu %Ag %P %Zn %Ni %Others %Solidus (Melting Point) °F Solidus (Melting Point) °C Liquidus (Flow Point) °FLiquidus (Flow Point) °C Common Applications
CU110AWS A5.8 BCu-1b CDA110 (ETP)99.91981108319811083Electrolytic tough pitch alloy for general purpose steel brazing
CU180 AWS A5.8 BCu-1 99.9 1981108319811083General purpose steel, furnace brazing
CU181AWS A5.8 BVCu-1x 99.991981108319811083High purity, Oxygen-free, Steel, Iron-based materials, Vacuum Brazing
CU865AWS A5.8 BCu-2 86.51981108319811083Low purity Copper filler
CU701 AWS A5.8 BCu-3 AMS4701 CDA102 (OFHC) MSRR9500/10099.951981108319811083High purity, Oxygen-free, Steel, Iron-based materials, Vacuum Brazing
CU740AWS A5.8 BCu-1a AMS4740 AMS3430991981108319811083Pure Copper powder and paste applications
S0AWS A5.8 BCuP-2 92.757.2513107101460793General purpose, Silver-free, Copper, Brass, and Bronze
S5AWS A5.8 BCuP-3 895611906431495813Large Copper pipe, wider gaps
S6AWS A5.8 BCuP-4 86.7567.251190 6431325718Close fit-up, low melting range
S15AWS A5.8 BCuP-5 QQ-B-654A Grade 3 (III)8015511936431475802Wide gaps, ductile joints, wide availability of forms
S2AWS A5.8 BCuP-6 912711906431450788General purpose, Copper, Brass, and Bronze
S18MAWS A5.8 BCuP-8 76 17.66.3511906431190643Close gaps, automated brazing, eutectic alloy
NVBRAWS A5.8 RBCuZn-A5940.40.63 Sn -18 -18 Commonly referred to as Naval Bronze
NIBRAWS A5.8 RBCuZn-B5839.50.50.5-18-18Commonly referred to as Nickel Bronze
LFB AWS A5.8 RBCuZn-C 58400.95 Sn, 0.73 Fe, 0.25 Mn, 0.1 Si15958681620882Low fuming Bronze, General purpose Ferrous and Non-Ferrous
NIAGAWS A5.8 RBCuZn-D 48 41.9100.15 Si 16659071680916Commonly referred to as Nickel Silver, for Steel to Carbide brazing