Silver Alloys

*All compositions represent the Nominal Composition in %

Aimtek Alloy#Industry SpecificationsAg %Cu %Zn %Cd %Ni %Others %Solidus (Melting Point °FSolidus (Melting Point °CLiquidus (Flow Point) °FLiquidus (Flow Point) °CCommon Applications
S50AWS A5.8 BAg-1a AMS4770 QQ-B-654A Grade 4 (IV)50 15.516.51811606271175635Ferrous, Non-Ferrous, Dissimilar metals, low melting range
S50N3AWS A5.8 BAg-3 AMS4771 QQ-B-654A Brade 5 (V)5015.515.51631170 6321270688Stainless Steel, Carbides, Berrylium Copper, Aluminum Bronze, Steel
S50FAWS A5.8 BAg-6 50 34 1612706881425774Steam turbine blades, galvanized steel, Aluminum Bronze
S72AWS A5.8 BAg-8, BVAg-8 MSRR9500/108722814357791435779Electrical Components, Copper, Nickel
S54NAWS A5.8 BAg-13 AMS4772 MSRR9500/10554405113257181575857Stainless Steel, tubes, manifolds, jet engine parts
S56N2AWS A5.8 BAg-13a AMS4765 MSRR9500/1135642214207711640893Stainless Steel, tubes, manifolds, jet engine parts
S100 AWS A5.8 BVAg-0 PWA70499.9517619611761961Electrical conductors, wetting to most metals
S45AWS A5.8 BAg-1 AMS4769 QQ-B-654A Grade 7 (VII)4515162411256071145618Ferrous, Non-Ferrous, Dissimilar metals, low melting range
S35AWS A5.8 BAg-2 AMS4768 QQ-B-654A Grade 8 (VII)3526211811256071295702Ferrous, Non-Ferrous, Dissimilar metals, large gaps, fillets
S30AWS A5.8 BAg-2a 30 27232011256071310710Ferrous, Non-Ferrous, Dissimilar metals, large gaps, fillets
S40N2AWS A5.8 BAg-4 403028212406711435779Stainless Steel, Tungsten Carbides, Food Equipment
S45FAWS A5.8 BAg-5 QQ-B-654A Grade 1 (I)45302512256631370743Naval piping, Oil coolers, Cadmium-free alloy
S5050AWS A5.8 BVAg-6b 505014357791602872Electrical Components, Copper, Nickel , wider gaps
S56SN5AWS A5.8 BAg-7 AMS4763 ES-06105622175 Sn11456181205652Food Equipment, Stainless Steel
S72LAWS A5.8 BAg-8a72 27.620.38 Li14107661410766Thin Stainless Steel, Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals
S71NAWS A5.8 BVAg-8b71.5280.51436 7801463795Electrical Components, Copper, Nickel
S65AWS A5.8 BAg-9 QQ-B-654A Grade 2 (II)65201512406711325718Silverware, Iron, Nickel
S70AWS A5.8 BAg-1070201012756911360738Silverware, Sterling Silver, step brazing
S60SN10AWS A5.8 BAg-18, BVAg-18 AMS4773603010 Sn1115 6021325718Marine Heat Exchangers, Vacuum Tube Seals
S92LAWS A5.8 BAg-19 AMS476792.5 7.270.23 Li14007601635891Precipitation hardening Stainless Steel, Honeycomb
S30FAWS A5.8 BAg-20 B20A4 MSRR9500/10430 383212506771410766Nickel Silver, electrical equipment, HVAC
S63NAWS A5.8 BAg-21 AMS477463 28.52.56 Sn12756911475802400 series Stainless Steels
S49AWS A5.8 BAg-224916234.57.5 Mn12606821290699Stainless Steel, Carbides
S85AWS A5.8 BAg-23 AMS47668515 Mn17609601780971Stainless Steel, Carbides, Cobalt, Nickel
S50N2AWS A5.8 BAg-24 AMS4788502028212206601305707Stainless Steel, Food Equipment, close gaps
S25N2AWS A5.8 BAg-26 25383322 Mn13057071475802Stainless Steel, Tungsten Carbide, Steel
S25AWS A5.8 BAg-27 253526.513.511256071375746Ferrous, Non-Ferrous, Dissimilar metals, large gaps, fillets
S40SN2 AWS A5.8 BAg-284030282 Sn 12006491310710Ferrous, Non-Ferrous
S61INAWS A5.8 BVAg-2961.52414.5 In 11556241305707Ferrous, Non-Ferrous, vacuum tubes
S25MAWS A5.8 BAg-3325 3027.517.511256071260682Ferrous, Non-Ferrous, Dissimilar metals, large gaps, fillets
S38AWS A5.8 BAg-34 AMS47613832282 Sn12006491330721Ferrous, Non-Ferrous
S35FAWS A5.8 BAg-35 35 323312656851390754Ferrous, Non-Ferrous
S45SN3AWS A5.8 BAg-36 45 27253 Sn11956461251677Dissimilar metals
S25SN2AWS A5.8 BAg-37 25 40332 Sn12706881435779Ferrous, Non-Ferrous
S95B50TF8955 Al14367801526830Titanium
S6868275 Sn13697431400760Electrical Components, Copper, Nickel
S63IN632710 In12656851346730Ferrous, Non-Ferrous, vacuum tubes
S68T 68.8 26.74.5 Ti14357791650899Titanium, Ceramics, Graphite
S7575 22313657411450788Silverware, Nickel, step brazing
S65N2MSRR9500/110 652825 Mn13857521560849Koval, Invar, Nickel, jet engine seals
S60F6025151245 6741325718Nickel, Silverware
S40FAMS4762 4030301245 6741340727Nickel, Steel, Copper
S25FMSRR9500/106 2552.522.51250 6771575857Ferrous, Non-Ferrous
S44P442713151 P11005931220660Electrical contacts, Molybdenum, Copper-Tungsten
S55SN2MSRR9500/708 5521222 Sn12506771425774Food Equipment, Stainless Steel
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