Cored Wires & Carbides

BSST No. MaterialCompositionSpecifications Comparable Products
BSW-130Ultrahard Armacor MProprietary High Chrome Steel905000-130 Tafa 95 MXC®
BSW-131Ultrahard Armacor CFe 25Cr 10Ni 4Mo 2B 2Cu905000-131Tafa 90 MXC®
BSW-132Ultrahard Armacor 16Fe 21Cr 8Ni 3.2Mo 2.5B 2.2Cu 1.8Mg 1.5Si .2C905000-132Tafa 96 MXC®
BSW-139Ultrahard DuocorFe 15Cr 5Ni 2B 1.5Si .7Mg + 26WC + 6TiC905000-139Tafa 97 MXC®
BSW-146Nickel Chrome IronFe 26Cr 3Ni 1.7C 1.6Mg 1.6Si .8Mo 905000-146Tafa 98 MXC®
BSW-520Chrome CarbideCr3Cr2 40Fe + FeC905000-520Praxair Chrome Carbide
BSW-670Nickel Chrome AluminumNi 21Cr 7Al PWA 36947 (PWA271-47D) MSSR 9507/14 GE Manual #70-49-39 Alternate to 70-49-21Tafa 73MXC® Metco 8443
BSW-690Nickel Aluminum Molybdenum Ni 5.5Al 5.0MoMSRR9507/35 GE B50TF166 Garrett FP5045Tafa 74MXC Metco 8447
BSW-740Tugsten CarbideFe 41WC/W2C .1Zn
BSW-800Nickel Chrome Aluminum YttriumNi 22Cr 10Al 1.0YGE B50TF296Tafa 76MXC®
BSW-910Cobalt AlloyCo 26Cr 10Ni 8W 1C905000-910Tafa 106 MXC®
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