Honeycomb Tack Welding

Aimtek is the exclusive North American and Singapore Sales and Service Distributor for Soudax, a respected European manufacturer of resistance welding and brazing equipment. This equipment has many aerospace and commercial applications, which include: ball tack welding; honeycomb tack welding; tack welding of sheet metal components and braze foil; thermal blanket repairs; resistance brazing; seam welding; thermocouple welding; and welding of electrical contacts and connectors on batteries. Please refer to the following product data sheets and videos, or visit the Soudax website, www.soudax.com for further information. Please contact us for a quote or for automated welding and brazing solutions.



Honeycomb Tack Welding

Soudax medium frequency generators provide more stable currents, higher production rates, greater flexibility in the adjustment of parameters, and fewer burn marks. This power supply can also be used for ball tack welding and standard tack welding. Custom welding heads and fixtures are available.

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