Total Solutions Provider (TSP) for Joining Materials

Aimtek offers unique supply chain solutions for all your joining materials needs, specifically tailored for your organization and saving you time and money.

Aimtek’s Total Supply Chain Solution covers: Planning, Quoting, Procurement, Receiving, and all levels of Inspection.

Core Products:

  • Welding Wire
  • Brazing Alloys and Preforms
  • Thermal Spray Powders and Consumables

Aimtek’s 3 TSP Options:

Self-Checkout: This solution is the perfect low cost solution for smaller users that still want to save all the time and money associated with the planning, procuring, and handling of joining materials. Aimtek can track usage in real-time and automatically replenish inventory to avoid stock-outs, keeping your production moving and reducing reordering costs. Transactions are recorded on any connected device – smartphone, tablet, laptop, or workstation.

Self-Vending: This solution provides a cabinet system of stored on-site material, designed specifically for your manufacturing floor. With instant access, all materials are safely stored and controlled via our cabinet system, perfect for those users where instant access and control of material is important. Aimtek provides real-time monitoring and replenishment.

Aimtek On-Site: Aimtek can offer you full on-site service. Our highly trained Aimtek employees work from a secured area, providing the ultimate on-site security of materials, and immediate delivery of product directly to work stations. For those customers who have large volume, numerous cell sites, and are concerned about the storage and handling of precious metals, Aimtek On-Site saves you time and money while also safeguarding your high valued items. Products are delivered directly to the workstation or end-user.

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